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Lunigiana is located in the most northern part of Tuscany, close to the borders of Liguria and Emila Romagna. This means that there is more than enough choice of things to do, places to visit and delicious local food and wine to sample for even the most demanding of visitors. We make available a guide with all the details of local restaurants and other attractions that we have learned to appreciate while living here over the last eight years, although this is in no way an exhaustive list of the many joys of the area as we are constantly discovering new things. Examples of places of interest and the approximate travel times from Ca del Gallo are:

  • Sarzana: 35 minutes

  • Lerici: 35 minutes

  • La Spezia: 35 minutes

  • Lagastrello pass: 35 minutes

  • Forte dei Marmi: 45 minutes

  • Pietrasanta: 45 minutes

  • Marble quarries of Carrara: 45  minutes

  • Portovenere: 50 minutes by car from Ca del Gallo or half-an hour by ferry from La Spezia (timetables on internet)

  • Torre del Lago Puccini (open-air opera): 1 hour

  • Pisa: 1 hour

  • Cinqueterre: fifteen minutes by train from La Spezia, or forty-five minutes by ferry (cars are not allowed)

  • Lucca: 1 hour

  • Parma : 1 hour

  • Florence: 1 hour and fifty minutes

  • Volterra: 2 hours

  • Bologna: 2 hours

  • Siena: 2 hours and a quarter

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